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Who We Are




President and Chief Executive Officer


             LTC(R) Robert W. Kovacic       CEO

LTC , US Army (retired) Robert (Bob) Kovacic assumed the duties as President of Northbridge Services Group on 26 August 2003.   He was commissioned in Armor in 1970 and is a Vietnam veteran.  He has served in numerous leadership and command positions in the light infantry, mechanized infantry, cavalry and tank units.  He has commanded six platoons, three companies and two battalions.  He has been a tactics instructor and doctrine writer in both the US Army Armor and Engineer schools.  He is an Airborne Ranger and is Jungle Expert qualified and has earned the Combat Infantryman's badge.  He has served in Europe, Vietnam and Southwest Asia. Bob understands the terrain and operations involved for temperate, jungle and desert environments.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master of Science degree in Information Systems.




Vadym Makhnytskyy

COL, Marines(Resign) Vadym Makhnytskyy, studied in Far East Military Command Academy. He has served in leadership and command positions in the special reconnaissance, stay – behind, counter – diversion and airborne units of the Marine. He has been a Unconventional Warfare Instructor, Special Reconnaissance and Direct Action Expert qualified. He has served on the Pacific and Baltic Fleets, participated in Special Operations in Indian ocean, Mediterranean and Red seas. After resignation has experience of carrying out of special and saving operations in zones of military local conflicts in Abkhazia, Ossetia, Kosovo, Trans - Dnister Moldavian Republic. Makhnytskyy speaks English, Polish, French.



Dale Larson

Mr. Dale Larson is the owner of H&A Contractors in the State of Washington. Dale's company specializes in camp building from A to Z. H&A Contractors and Northbridge Services Group are in working relationship where Northbridge shall provide reconnaissance, security and intelligence gathering for H&A's camp contracts.  Northbridge strongly suggests you contact Mr. Larson for all your camp requirements, worldwide. The company web site is and e mail is


        Jean-Pierre Hess 

J.P.Hess, a French citizen, is holder of a Licence Es Lettres from the University Of Strasbourg, France. He obtained his High School teacher’s degree in 1972. After a short career in teaching and school administration he turned to the business world, with sound experience in the insurance industry. After an MBA in 1982 and several positions held in sales, marketing and exports management in Europe, he went to the Middle-East and settled in Kuwait in 1983, where he worked as managing partner for a general trading and contracting company, specialized in supplies and logistics to the war zones in Iraq. He was trapped in Kuwait during the invasion, escaped and finally came back just after liberation. Since he has gained a very good experience in PR and publicity in the luxury industry, worked as head hunter and recruitment senior associate for Transearch and Gulfexecutive, and was Logistics manager in charge of Baghdad South Power Station for GE.  Since he is mainly working as a consultant in the various fields of his experience. J.P.H is a seasoned expert in business development, counting over 20 years of experience in the Middle East combining corporate & operational expertise in marketing and sales, logistics, supply chain, retail, and luxury goods with a strong recruitment and head hunting background.     


        Marcel Lefebvre 

Name: Zandu Mpata Marcel
Place of birth: Kinshasa ( R.D.Congo )
Date of birth: JANUARY/ 16/ 1972
Fodebac president ( N.G.O ) in Congo
Administrator of private company in Belgium.


    Merlin Nkanu

Date of birth: JUNE/ 30/ 1956
College: Belgium
Bachelor in Business administration
Pilot school in ( USA ) national air college ( San Diego )
Co-pilot in Kinshasa ( V.A.C. ) Virunga air Cargo
Co-pilot air Zaire
Secretary of the ministry of foreign department ( Zaire )
Agent to the secret services of Zaire
Agent to the Zaire military secret services
Business consultant in Brussels ( Belgium )


    Danny Johnson

Daniel H. Johnson, BBA is an advance team member
for Northbridge. Johnson also provides security, logistics,
and security consulting in the North & South American
region as well as the Middle East. His hands-on experience
includes intelligence management, emergency management,
special investigations, command & control, marsec,
counter-terrorism, reconnaissance, counter surveillance,
PSD, CET, CAT, site surveys as well as project management and
foreign national troop training. Johnson recently spent a
year outside the wire in Baghdad where he conducted ground
operations and directed the training program for 4000+ local
national security forces protecting U.S. assets. Johnson
speaks Arabic, Japanese, Russian and English








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